Valeting Services

For details of our valeting services then please visit our Krystal Kleen Valeting website.

Detailing Services

If you have a keen eye for detail and 'valeting' just doesnt seem to get your vehicle looking as you want it then try one of the specifications available in our detailing range of services which covers everything form New Car Protection Details to full blown Concours Show winning Paint Correction procedures and follow on Maintenance Details.

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Paint Correction

Is the paintwork on your pride and joy not looking its best, has it previously suffered at the hands of the automatic car washes and car park valeters. Scratched, dull and faded paintwork can all be totally transformed into a finish that can look almost wet enough to swim in and then protected with a range of waxes and sealants to help keep it looking that way and help protect your investment. A range of services are available which range from a 'Pre-Sales Enhancement' to a full 'Show Preparation' procedure.

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CQuartz Finest in Oxfordshire 

Leather Services

A wide range of leather care services are available. These range from a 'Cleanse & Protect' service to keep your leather in that 'as new' condition that looks and smells like it just came from the factory. Or perhaps a 'Scuff Repair & Recolour' for vehicles which may have suffered scuffs to high wear areas such as side bolsters or maybe your new pride and joy might be a  that classic which needs a full 'Colour Restore'. Whatever your requirements are then contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Marque Specific Details

Since 1989 Marc has built up an extensive knowledge of most manufacturers brands. With this in mind it became apparent that there are many models that require attention to detail in specific areas that are not necessarily applicable to other models. Over time specific Marque's and models will be added to our portfolio of services.

The first of these 'Marque Specific Details' is for the Lotus Exige & Elise brand of models and can be found here.............

Other Services available.......

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Soft Top Care & Rejuvenation

Engine Cleaning

Metal Polishing

Brake Caliper & Hub Repainting

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