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 We have had two products reviewed so far on the leading Detailing forum 'Detailing World' with great reviews and feedback. Our 'BLIZZARD' Snow Foam can be found here and 'CHERRY WASH' Shampoo can be found here. Why not try for yourself and see how good our products are. And dont forget to like our Facebook page where we will announce special offers from time to time such as B.O.G.O.F and free postage deals to name but a few. DONT MISS OUT !!!!



We have added 3 new products to our range on the back of the success of our 'BLIZZARD' Snow Foam. The first of these is a no nonsense maintenance shampoo 'CHERRY WASH' ideally suited for all tasks it is given  and boasts a neutral pH value so is guaranteed safe on all surfaces and LSP safe. Extremely slick to help prevent 'paint-marring' and smells good enough to eat...but we wouldnt recommend it !!!! Available in 500ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litre sizes.

Secondly we have had developed an acid free wheel cleaner 'BRAKE AWAY' with exceptional cleaning abilities that can be diluted for economy or boosted for power depending on your needs. This is a non caustic product that really does need to be tried..you'll be amazed!!!  Available in 500ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litre sizes.

And finally we have  'IRON RAIN'. An iron rich contaminant remover that safely removes iron contamination from surfaces by converting it to a water soluble solution that gives the characteristic 'purple bleeding' effect. Exceptionally effective as shown in our tests which we have documented on our Facebook page here.... Available in 500ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litre sizes.


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Our own very first product that we have had developed to our own specification is now live in our shop and will now befeaturing in all of our details. 'BLIZZARD' Snow Foam is a highly concentrated, superb cleaning power, pH neutral and safe on all exterior trim. Just click on 'ONLINE SHOP' at the top of this page. Available in both 1L & 5L sizes. 25L sizes are available for preorder. If you own a detailing company then enquire about our trade discount.


In April 2013 Krystal Kleen Detail became the first company in the UK to be approved as an Official 'Opti-Coat Pro Application Centre'. We now offer the ultimate in Ceramic Paint protection with a 5 year warranty on previousely owned vehicles and Lifetime on new vehicle paintwork


A 5 minute video of a 2003 Aston Martin Vanquish with 'CQuartz Finest' Paint Protection applied. Please watch within YouTube or on full screen for best results.



Krystal Kleen Detail will be stocking detailing products in their online shop that will go live from mid June onwards. We are also working on our own line of premium products starting with 'BLIZZARD' Snow Foam.



We are now authorised to apply CQuartz Finest glass coating as part of their network of Authorised Detailers. Please contact us for more information on our 'CQuartz Details'



All the hard work paid off in the preparation of this fabulous 1976 Maserati Merak for the Classic car Show at the NEC in November. It even got a mention on the Discovery Channels website.


We have recently started to video some parts of our details. As time allows we will start to upload these to our YouTube channel.




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